Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amish Health

There's no getting around the documentation that cites the Amish to be a healthy and hearty people, not overly given to depression (probably because of the support of community) nor anxiety disorders (probably because of their active faith). Granted, I'm not saying that you can't have anxiety and depression AND have great faith---because you certainly can. But the overall sense of community of the Amish, the support and nuturing that others may offer is a liberating freedom towards health that many of us Englishers might lack. So, read some Amish books and grab a piece of that community for yourself. It might help, and it certainly can't hurt!


  1. I am reading and enjoying Sarah's garden. But why would you say "a nearly spry sixty-years old" and Mrs. Bustle's aged cheek???!!!! I thought you must be about 25 writing something like this but apparently your not! I'm 56 and my cheeks are not aged! Ouch - sounded more like 80!!

  2. I agree - these days 60 is not aged, and neither is 70 really, I don't intend to feel 'aged' when I'm that age, anyway!:) But putting that aside, I've just read 'A Christmas On Ice Mountain' and it thoroughly enjoyed it, such a lovely story, fully of the real meaning of Christmas and giving the reader a glimpse of the Amish way of life.